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Thread: Last Carrie song you heard?

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    Blown Away. My job always plays Carrie songs.
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    I think Keep It Country (Europe's only dedicated Country Music TV channel) is giving Carrie pretty good support - though my impression is that much of that is due to the young female presenters who host some of the shows.

    I mentioned Shauna McStravock above - a young singer from Northern Ireland - who has a Carrie clip on her Facebook page. She closed her show today by screening in full Carrie's performance of "How Great Thou Art", with Vince Gill's accompaniment and guitar solo. This emotional performance, with audience reaction, shows Carrie at her best, and I think would be well received by this channel's audience.

    As a guide to what is well received in today's dedicated Country market in the British Isles, this is a recent release by Shauna McStravock herself (the song is associated with the late Linda Hargrove, and is also the title of a girls-only Country Music talent competition, which has been held annually since the 1980s). Stylistically, I'd regard it as generally quite Pop-Country, but also leaning more Traditional than Carrie or her American market today usually expect.

    That channel's audience tends overall to be more Traditional-leaning, and less Americana-leaning than the internet stations, or some of the BBC's flagship shows. (I'm using Americana there as a stylistic term, veering towards progressive Roots music, and Traditional as the older radio style of "core" Country). Neither the Traditional nor the Americana styles would be the areas Carrie is most associated with at home - but, as I don't believe she would be willing to present as a Pop artist to gain more international support, she would probably aim for somewhere between those approaches - neither of which automatically think of her as one of "their" artists.
    I think everyone respects her, and admires her vocal range - but don't always find her music a particularly natural fit for their playlists. Through her live performances here, and internet streaming, Carrie has wider support, going beyond people who would normally listen to Country - but gaining actual airplay here has often been more difficult. That is why the support of the younger women (whom that channel give prominent spots to in their scheduling) is likely to be particularly important in demonstrating her blend of traditional awareness with often quite daring innovative approaches.
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