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Thread: Cool SYA Moment (Baptism scene)

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    Cool SYA Moment (Baptism scene)

    My friend posted on her Facebook tonight the baptism featured in the video was an actual baptism from her church.

    I remember a few people were asking if this was a real baptism, awesome!

    The specific moment is at 3:25

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    omg that is so people were at the church filming it! so neat!!
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    I wonder if it was because it was an outside Baptism that they were able to film it. Each denomination has their own rules but I know that we are allowed no pictures of the actual Baptism in the church. We were allowed to photograph participants in their Baptismal whites in the hall or vestibule of the did make a significant statement of hope being allowed to see the actual baptism filmed. Without that and other optimistic statements, the film could have been much too somber.
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    The baptism scene is one of my favorites from this video. Very moving! It looks like a father and son.
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    I saw it and it's really cool
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    I found the original video that they took the clip from. From 1:13 and 1:29:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PRGuy79 View Post
    The baptism scene is one of my favorites from this video. Very moving! It looks like a father and son.

    I don't know if you guys noticed, but there were 4 ppl being Basptized. The first two was a man and woman and then the scene when they were coming out of the holy water was teh father and son. I thought that was cool!
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