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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrieflattsfan View Post
    This is still my favorite version of "So Small." <3

    That one's my second favourite. I also absolutely adore the version of JTTW she did during the Walmart Soundcheck. The falsetto bridge part is gorgeous - she sounds like an angel.

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    ok went with SS because the recorded version is better then IKYW.
    But live IKYW would win in a landslide ,CMA Songrwriters and Soundcheck performances of SS aside.

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    I voted for So Small. I've only ever liked I Know You Won't. It has weak lyrics and and a bit of a boring melody. Sure Carrie hits plenty of high notes but that doesn't necessarily make the song good. I enjoy listening to it when I play the album but I'm never jumping up and down just to hear it. My interest in this song fluctuates a lot though so sometimes I will think it's a good song although never well-written in terms of lyrics. This is most likely suicide but So Small probably wouldn't be in my top 10 all-time favorite Carrie songs. lol I'd say it's somewhere in the 11-15 range. It's catchy and I feel like it has a unique topic that I can definitely relate to but some of the lyrics are extremely cliche.

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