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Thread: Country Universe Review: See You Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by carebear4eva View Post
    She doesn't quite rhyme it with "pen", though...It's got a strange twist to the sound, almost rhyming it with "pin".

    Does anyone rhyme "ate" with "pet"? I have literally never heard anyone ever pronounce it that way (or anything in that direction, for that matter).
    That's why I first said, that she pronounces it the Okie way....agin! Answer to the second question......No.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow1 View Post
    I'm going to have to go see how she pronounces "again". I never noticed anything different. Good review, I think. I would love to see how she does with a different producer. Maybe after learning new things during SOM....she will try someone else. Love Mark, but I'm very curious to see something new.
    I have never been a fan of Bright, it took him until Play On and Blown Away to stop with all the over producing of her albums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevrolet View Post
    Just watch reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies. Old-timer, backwoods people from rural (country) America used to say "et" instead of ate.

    "Musta been sumthin' he et."
    Well, that's the way I say it, and so do all my family (who are mainly teachers) I thought it was pretty normal - but maybe it died out overseas!

    Differences in spoken language can be fascinating, but are usually quite small. Differences in vocabulary are noticeable. One interesting point is that train and motoring technology developed after we'd split up - so we tend to use different terms ("ties" instead of "sleepers", "switches" instead of "points", "engineer" instead of "engine driver"; also "trunk" instead of "boot", "hood" instead of "bonnet", "gasolene" instead of "petrol". A similar point applies to "elevators" instead of "lifts" in buildings.

    You also see differences in written usage on the internet. Most American publications tend to use singular verbs with collective nouns - e.g. "The Band Perry is successful", where most English people would write "The Band Perry are successful".
    Past tenses of verbs can also differ slightly. Many Americans write "dreamed", "learned" and "spelled", whereas many English (including myself) tend to write "dreamt", "learnt" and "spelt". Both spellings are optional though - as are the "ise", "ize" endings of many verbs like "authorize". The "ize" endings are recommended by the Oxford dictionary, and I tend to use them - but many English people see them as old-fashioned or foreign, and prefer to write "ise" (though that's not how they pronounce them
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