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    Exclamation A month later and blown away still on top :)

    So I made this forum as a way of celebrating(jiji) the 1 month anniversary of BLOWN AWAY and how we have been able to maintain #1 since the beginning on the Country album charts and carries first time 2 consecutive weeks at #1 and top 3 remain since its release! I think its safe to say that it has been an amazing month with the cherry on top being that BLOWN AWAY is already Certified GOLD in the USA and CANADA, and the fact that GG is going to be certified Platinum

    So that is the Great news, now the bad... BA(album and song) are out of the top 10 in albums and out of the top 100 in itunes, and to be honest that worries me DEEPLY it makes me worry that Carries hot streak may be ending I mean because LUKE BRYAN'S album is ahead of BA!! The only thing the makes me feel better are the CMT AWARDS which might help a little maintain the sales up and the next BIG name coming up is JB BELIVE which will sell big because of those crazy belibers and that will prob cause the sales to fall(though while the crazy GIRLS go and buy biebers album, the parents or older relatives May pass buying a copy of carrie) but idk and WHEN is BA(song) gonna be officially released? can someone help by telling how many figures we might be able to pull of these few weeks to come? FINGERS CROSSED


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