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Thread: Rank Carrie songs from all 4 albums part 1

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    Rank Carrie songs from all 4 albums part 1

    Rank all the Carrie songs from all 4 albums including Remind Me, Oh Love, I'll Stand By You, Home Sweet Home, Sometimes You Leave, and There's A Place For Us which should equal up to 60 songs! if You rank the song 60th it will receive 1 point, if you rank the song 1st it will receive 60 points and on Sunday May 13th the 20 songs will the least amount of points will be eliminated and then we will do this all over again with 40 songs!

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    do you want us to pm our ranking to you, or just leave a comment? and for #1 do we put what we think is the best CU song or our favorite CU song. For example my favorite CU song is JTTW, but i think that the song BA is her best song to date.

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    No Ever Ever After, How Great Thou Art, or Praying For Time? I'm not really a religious person, but I'd put HGTA at number one on the strength of Carrie's performance. That's how special her vocals are on that tune for me. Also, I'm sad that You're Lookin' At Country never gets any attention.

    I'll do a favorites list for now, but if you want me to redo it and do a best list, I can. It'd probably be similar, but Wasted would be number one and TWII would drop many, many places.

    It should be noted that I personally believe there are no fillers on SH or CR. And even the songs I consider fillers on PO (PO and Unapologize) and BA (TGFH) I at least like. I'm just not thrilled about 'em.

    1. That's Where It Is
    2. Two Black Cadillacs
    3. Wasted
    4. Remind Me
    5. What Can I Say
    6. Forever Changed
    7. So Small
    8. Wine After Whiskey
    9. All-American Girl
    10. Look At Me
    11. Do You Think About Me
    12. Wheel of the World
    13. This Time
    14. We're Young and Beautiful
    15. Twisted
    16. The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    17. Leave Love Alone
    18. Home Sweet Home
    19. Cupid's Got a Shotgun
    20. Good Girl
    21. Just a Dream
    22. Cowboy Casanova
    23. Get Out of This Town
    24. Sometimes You Leave
    25. Flat on the Floor
    26. Oh Love
    27. Good in Goodbye
    28. One Way Ticket
    29. Blown Away
    30. Starts With Goodbye
    31. Quitter
    32. Before He Cheats
    33. I'll Stand By You
    34. See You Again
    35. The More Boys I Meet
    36. Temporary Home
    37. Lessons Learned
    38. Jesus, Take the Wheel
    39. Undo It
    40. Last Name
    41. Someday When I Stop Loving You
    42. Change
    43. I Just Can't Live a Lie
    44. You Won't Find This
    45. I Know You Won't
    46. There's a Place For Us
    47. Crazy Dreams
    48. I Ain't in Checotah Anymore
    49. Some Hearts
    50. Who Are You
    51. Songs Like This
    52. Mama's Song
    53. Don't Forget to Remember Me
    54. I Told You So
    55. Whenever You Remember
    56. Nobody Ever Told You
    57. Play On
    58. Thank God For Hometowns
    59. Inside Your Heaven
    60. Unapologize
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    This list is based on my favorites.

    Two Black Cadillacs
    So Small
    Wine After Whiskey
    Blown Away
    Good Girl
    Before He Cheats
    Good In Goodbye
    Do You Think About Me
    That's Where It Is
    See You Again
    Forever Changed
    Someday When I Stop Loving You
    Jesus Take The Wheel
    Remind Me
    One Way Ticket
    Leave Love Alone
    Thank God For Hometowns
    Who Are You
    Cupid's Got a Shotgun
    Don't Forget To Remember Me
    Undo It
    You Won't Find This
    What Can I Say
    This Time
    I'll Stand By You
    Sometimes You Leave
    Home Sweet Home
    Songs Like This
    All American Girl
    Oh Love
    Just a Dream
    Flat on the Floor
    Wheel Of The World
    Nobody Ever Told You
    Cowboy Casanova
    I Just Can't Live a Lie
    Temporary Home
    Look At Me
    We're Young and Beautiful
    Crazy Dreams
    I Know You Won't
    Last Name
    There's A Place For Us
    Get Out of This Town
    The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    Some Hearts
    Play On
    Lesson's Learned
    I Ain't In Checotah Anymore
    Starts With Goodbye
    Mama's Song
    The More Boys I Meet
    Whenever You Remember
    I Told You So
    Inside Your Heaven
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    I was waiting for this thread to come up There's absolutely no way that I could finish this list without some serious consideration haha. Give me a few days and if I can finish a list then I will def post it here!

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    2 Months later you guys? hahaha glad you guys finally decided to do this!

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    In our defense 60 songs take a lot of thinking and consideration. Gonna do it based on favorites because there are just too many to base it on quality alone imo.

    1. Just A Dream
    2. Blown Away
    3. Wine After Whiskey
    4. Donít Forget To Remember Me
    5. Someday When I Stop Loving You
    6. Do You Think About Me
    7. Before He Cheats
    8. Wasted
    9. Leave Love Alone
    10. This Time
    11. What Can I Say
    12. So Small
    13. Jesus Take The Wheel
    14. Flat On The Floor
    15. Get Out of This Town
    16. Cupidís Got A Shotgun
    17. Two Black Cadillacs
    18. Thatís Where It Is
    19. Forever Changed
    20. Iíll Stand By You
    21. You Wonít Find This
    22. Good Girl
    23. Home Sweet Home
    24. Youíre Looking At Country
    25. Good in Goodbye
    26. Thank God For Hometowns
    27. I Ainít In Checotah Anymore
    28. Look At Me
    29. Songs Like This
    30. Nobody Ever Told You
    31. One Way Ticket
    32. All American Girl
    33. Wheel Of the World
    34. The Night Before
    35. Cowboy Casanova
    36. Last Name
    37. Who Are You
    38. Temporary Home
    39. Crazy Dreams
    40. Remind Me
    41. I Told You So
    42. Is It Still Over?
    43. Mamaís Song
    44. Starts With Goodbye
    45. Quitter
    46. Ever Ever After
    47. Whenever You Remember
    48. Sometime You Leave
    49. See You Again
    50. Thereís A Place For Us
    51. Lessons Learned
    52. Change
    53. I Know You Wonít
    54. Twisted
    55. Undo It
    56. I Just Can't Live A Lie
    57. Play On
    58. Unapologize
    59. The More Boys I Meet
    60. Inside Your Heaven

    I know I left out a hand full but I did my best
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    ^ i left out a couple of songs also.
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