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Thread: My Review of Blown Away

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    My Review of Blown Away

    I will skip Good Girl, cause we all have heard it.

    [/i]Blown Away - It's a great song - one that sticks in your head, especially the chorus. It's about a girl who father abuses her and is a drunk. She goes into a cellar during a tornado and leaves her father to die. It's dark, but very good. I keep putting it on repeat.

    Two Black Cadillacs -
    Pretty much the same as Blown Away - dark, I love it, and I keep on putting it on repeat. It's about a wife and the woman her husband was having an affair discovering that he was lying to them for a long time and they decide to kill him - the song takes place at his funeral. I love how Carrie sings the lyrics "The preacher said he was a good man, his brother said he was a good friend."

    See You Again - It's a good song, but one of my least favorites. It just sounds like a generic song with a generic story line that you'd hear during closing credits. Not to say I don't like the song, it's just that I'd take the others over this one.

    Do You Think About Me?- Another one I would skip - it's the same situation for me as See You Again. Like it, but there are better songs on the album. It's about someone who remembers their first love, even though time as past - no one else in her life has compared to what they had. The lyrics could have been better - it kinda reminds me of "This Time" for some reason.

    Forever Changed- As soon as the piano kicks in, you know you are listening to a beautiful song. It's about a woman who meets her husband, has a child, and the child sings about her aging mother losing her memory and slipping away. One of my favorites on the album.

    Nobody Ever Told You - This is another one of those don't be to hard on yourself songs. (of course, it's has a deeper message then all those "you are perfect!! songs). Not the best on the album, but I still like it. I love the lyrics about how the mirror lies to you - it is what is inside you that counts.

    One Way Ticket - A fun song, but the lyrics are a bit lacking - the part about licking a lollipop is out of place and it seems like they put it there just to rhyme something with "stick it." A fun summer / vacation song.

    Thank God For Hometowns: The song is about a girl who goes back home for her cousin's wedding and is reminded who everyone in the town where she grows up always loves her and remembers her. She feels whole when she goes back. Very pretty song, one of my favorites.

    Good In Goodbye: Kind of an "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks song. She meets her ex on the street and realizes that they are where they need to be - and with the people who they need to be with. She says she is glad she didn't get what she thought she deserved. Love it. Very deep.

    Leave Love Alone -
    Fun song, and catchy. It's just about someone who dives into love, no matter what. Not the best song on the album, but it is catchy and is a great departure from the deeper and darker songs.

    Cupids Got A Shotgun: LOVE this song - one of my favorites that Carrie has sung. Very fun and danceable and infectious.

    Wine After Whiskey: This song is about lost love - the man she loves broke up with her and seems to have forgotten her - and everyone after him seems to be watered down - wine after whiskey. Love it, one of the prettier songs on the CD.

    Who Are You - Don't know if is about God, but Carrie certainly sings everything out of it. Her vocals are a reason to love this song.
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    Hi, julesb2183. Your review is great. I love reading the feedback on Blown Away. I'm glad everyone's enjoying it. Happy listening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LouisaJessie View Post
    Hi, julesb2183. Your review is great. I love reading the feedback on Blown Away. I'm glad everyone's enjoying it. Happy listening.
    Thanks! It is such a good album!


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