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Thread: Forum Rules & Policies Refresher

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    Forum Rules & Policies Refresher

    I think it would be a great time for everyone to have a refresher on the forum rules and policies. The full document can be found here - Carrie Fans Policies

    Please remember there is a button on each post to report posts that do not adhere to the rules shown below. A moderator will then review those posts. You may also forward any harassing PMs you might receive to a moderator, such as myself or maddkat. If you are bothered by posts or members that are not harassing, just annoying to you, please remember that you can block/ignore a specific user. Let's all do our best to help keep Carrie Fans the fun, engaging community it has been for 13 years. Please feel free to PM myself or maddkat with any questions about this post as it will not be open for comments.

    Here are a few key excerpts from the policies:

    General Rules

    • While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.
    • We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
    • We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our community is a privilege and not a right.
    • Respect Other Members
    • Do not post harassing, insulting, belittling, threatening or flaming messages towards anyone.

    Any threads/posts of these types will be deleted.

    Abusive behavior

    In discussions & debate issues, do not get personal with members. Respect the privacy of other members, keep private conversations private. But if you receive disturbing private contacts, you can report those to the moderators. Any posts considered to be insulting and/or abusive will be deleted. This is solely at the discretion of the moderation team. Failure to heed this may result in your posting privileges being suspended for a time and/or being banned from the forum altogether.
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