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Thread: A country show from this side of the water

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    A country show from this side of the water

    (Apologies for using the American Idol thread - which seemed the nearest fit - but I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the more home-grown alternative!)

    The show is called Glór Tir (which means Country Voice), and as the name implies, it only features Country Music performances. It goes out in Ireland, on their publicly supported Irish language channel - so most of the speech is in Gaelige, with English subtitles - though the singing is usually in English. Only a small number of people in the West use Gaelige as their everyday, or cradle language - but its survival is given support, and many children do learn it as a second language, and a matter of national pride.

    The young lady singing, Kerry Fearon, is a school teacher in the UK North East of Ireland, and her students are obviously keen learners. The song she chose in the round shown here was a hit for the Forrester Sisters in the 1980s

    I hope you enjoy it!
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    Thank you for these hidden gems! For me, the musical arrangement and its sound is very similar to what we often hear on the Opry. Clean production where you can hear each instrument. And the vocals sound effortless like that of a veteran artist. And still more country than most people on the US chart these days!


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