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    American Idols' Tour coming to the Philippines!

    Paul McDonald tells that the American Idols Live show will head to the Philippines after the tour wraps up in September:

    How has the tour been going? Paul McDonald live in San Jose, CA. credit: Kirsten Coachman

    It’s been excellent so far. We’re only like, I think, five shows in, and we got about a thousand more to go. [laughs] We go through September, and we do a handful of Canada dates, maybe one or two. Then they take us over to the Philippines.

    Whether the entire Top 11 makes the trip, remains to be seen. American Idol is really really popular in Southeast Asia, and it’s not unusual for Idols to head there to perform, at some point after the tour is finished.

    Lee DeWyze, David Cook, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and more have performed post tour concerts in Asia. David Archuleta, who is in the Philippines as we speak, has performed in the area several times.

    Read the entire interview to get Paul’s thoughts on his time on Idol, the tour, and his post Idol career.

    On writing a solo record, Paul says, “I’m writing all this summer. I’m hoping to get around 40, then obviously cut that down to about 10 or 12 and toss that on. It’s the first time I’ve tried a solo album in the past six years, so we’ll see how it goes. My band stuff tends to work out alright, but this is kind of a I’ll try it after the show, and I can always go back to the band.”


    I'm so excited!!! I think I'll watch! I just wanna see Haley, James and Pia! =))) maybe sneek to the backstage!

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    OH MY GOSH. i must watch!


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