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    Winning American Idol: country blessing or curse?

    Winning American Idol: country blessing or curse?
    JEFFREY REMZ | MAY 27, 2011

    I am not a fan of American Idol. Never have been. Well, I used to watch it a bit in its early phases, but, in general, I steer real clear of that made for that fantasy TV of musical wannabees.
    Winning American Idol: country blessing or curse?

    Some Carrie mentions:
    ased on her first, just released single, Like My Mother Does, Alaina is not what you'd call hard-core country exactly. Carrie Underwood sang with her at the end of AI, and that seemed like a fitting touchstone for her.
    "But these match-ups also revealed the weaknesses of the top two finalists. Mr. McCreery sang "Live Like You Were Dying" with Mr. McGraw - at least, the parts not about being in your 40s - and he looked eager, if handily outweighed. Ms. Underwood sang a duet of her hit Before He Cheats with Ms. Alaina, who kept up, mostly, with the vocals but only nominally with the angst. Whoever claimed the title, it was clear there would be a great deal of road to travel before becoming something more than just the winner of 'American Idol.'"
    Whether they go the way of Underwood or follow in the footsteps of almost every performer on Nashville Star, of course, remains an unknown at this point. The finalists are young and have a future, but whether it will be what they want to do and are comfortable with or done at the behest of the handlers could well determine whether they have careers.


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