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    'American Idol' behind the scenes: 'Idol' coaches talk the Top 5

    Continuing our exclusive series, American Idol vocal coach and arranger Debra Byrd and associate music director and arranger Michael Orland hopped on the phone with EW to discuss Wednesday night’s Top 5 performance show. For a decade, Byrd and Orland have been on the front lines with the contestants, from Hollywood Week to the grand finale in May. The two work with the contestants on their respective songs, helping them shine on the Idol stage and in front of a national TV audience. Click through to read their take on this week’s “Now & Then” show, including why Jacob took the risk of singing both parts of a pop duet, why Scotty had such a hard time with song choice this week, and all the details behind Haley’s big decision to sing an unreleased Lady Gaga tra

    'American Idol' behind the scenes: 'Idol' coaches talk the Top 5 -- EXCLUSIVE | PopWatch |


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