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    'American Idol' on the scene for Top 8 elimination show

    American Idol is about the contestants, of course. But when you’re inside the Idoldome — especially amongst the throngs of fans who’ve come from the depths of the country for a little taste of Hollywood glamour, and especially when its a results night where one of their beloved potential Idols will bite the dust — it’s also about something else, something that somehow evokes something happier and more indulgent: the celebrities. And what a glittery, star-studded night at American Idol it was last night: Rihanna! Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean! Rob Reiner (yet again)! Chaka Kahn! Anita Baker! Mary Hart! And, of course, there were the regulars: Ryan Seacrest! Steven Tyler! Randy Jackson! Jennifer Lopez!

    'American Idol' on the scene for Top 8 elimination show: Celebrities and Idols and celebrities, oh my! | PopWatch |


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