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    Four Reasons American Idol Is Back From the Dead

    After Simon Cowell's departure, Idol appeared to be doomed—instead, the show is experiencing a creative resurgence. Richard Rushfield on Idol's shocking comeback.

    American Idol's Shocking Comeback, From Steven Tyler to Nigel Lythgoe - The Daily Beast

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    Well, I'm glad I am not the only one who saw last year as the shows worst. And that things were getting worse and worse with Kara.
    I am a fan of SYTYCD so I am not surprised that Lythgow was able to bring this one back to life.
    At the end of the day, the format works. So if they can make it interesting and better than most, people will watch.
    My big concern now is that Tyler of all people seems to be struggling a bit with how to constructively critique these people.
    I think he uniquely understand too well how it feels to put that much of yourself into a singing performance and have judges standing by waiting to pick you apart. HE also may realize that these singers are much better than average so who is he to critique them.
    Well I hope he finds his way through this poralisis. Cause I think he has alot to offer if he can just manage to remove his own feelngs from the situation and call it as he sees it.
    He's in a really hard spot right now of finding his own voice. "Your great" is not gonna work. Ask Ellen.
    He is a premier showman. HE should be focusing on their entertainment aspects more.
    I hope he comes around. He is suddenly looking alittle lost. And this may have something to do with the "pretaped" episode. Which also gives the judges time to figure out something constructive to say.

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    I'm really happy that American Idol's been sort of revived, I was really disappointed after the past three seasons, and decided I wasn't even going to watch it this season, but then I began to and I'm really enjoying it. I don't think any panel could ever be as good as the original, but I think this year's is a big improvement over last years, especially ellen


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