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    Best EVER I'll Stand By You tomorrow

    Based on some blogger comments, Pia Toscano's I'll Stand By You will be one of the best ever on Idol. This song is near and dear to Carrie's fans because she performed it during IGB. Let's find out tomorrow...

    Before going to the Top 24 tapings, I would have said Lauren Alaina just because she's kind of been shoved down my throat ever since the season began and she at least has the talent to back it up. After going to the tapings? Pia Toscano is my favorite, hands down. Her performance gave me chills and will go down as one of the show's best ever. Yes, you read that right: best ever.

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    Wow, that is big praise.
    I am open to the possibilities.
    But out doing Carrie is going to take some real doing!
    Can't wait to find out.
    Honestly, and don't get mad, I am kind of lookinf for a girl I can get behind that is not Lauren. I just don't love her.


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